Lavender Flower

Lavender flowers latinnya name Lavandula afficinalis syn.L. angustifolia (Lamiaceae), forming small and purple, lavender flowers that penampakan. This plant came from Europe, precisely in the region of France. It was used as a perfume. Equipment religious ceremonies (rituals) and medicinal plant since ancient Roman era. A lavender flower for Carmen is lavare which means refreshing.

Grow both in height of 600 -1,350 m dpl in which the higher the growth, the better the quality of the oil dihasilkannya. Lavender plants usually increase with the bijinya. Seeds of the old and healthy in-semaikan. When you have grown, moved to polibeg. When the high reached 15 - 20 cm, can be moved into the pot or planted in the house. Purple which can be interesting to digosokkan skin, other than the fragrant aroma, you will be protected from mosquito bites.

While the main composition in the lavender oil linalool acetate which is capable mengendorkan and weaken the system of nerves and nerve-muscle muscle-muscles that tense. Because this is the property lavender flowers are often used as material antinyamuk lotion, aromatherapy, perfume, oil scrub, bath and herb medicines.

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