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Jumat, 30 September 2011


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Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009


Dragon fruit is a very nutritious fruit for health for people and have unique characteristics.
Dragon fr
uit is the fruit of a similar basic cactus. He planted the commercial in Vietnam and Australia, although he comes from South America. Dragon fruit which is ripe seberat approximately 400 grams but also have a belly so that more one kilo!
The conte
nts of the white dragon fruit, red, or purple with sowing seeds of black that can be eaten. Its texture is like the content of watermelon, whereas it is also a fruit such as kiwi. The characteristics that make this unique dragon fruit is very suitable as ingredients in fruit salad.

Property of dragon fruit
Other food substances in the dragon fruit is fiber, calcium, iron, and fosforus a quite useful to treat high blood diseases. Red dragon fruit also contains a very good eye to improve vision because the womb karotenoidnya high. Fitokimia in the fruit is also known to degrade kanser risk.
Fruit industry in the foreign country to use the dragon fruit in making the wain. In addition to fruit, flower and stem of the dragon fruit species Selenicereus grandiflorus in particular, used in making ubat-ubatan give the impression that both the blood lines koronari and promote good blood circulation in the body. Therefore the dragon fruit is very good for the body's stamina and health for people. How to select the dragon fruit is a good dragon fruit When choosing, make sure the weight of fruit, fresh look, and hard and shiny, with the scale, the color greenness. Dragon fruit tasty eaten as such or made of juice and put in the fruit salad, or used as culinary herb soup (for the young fruit)

Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

Lavender Flower

Lavender flowers latinnya name Lavandula afficinalis syn.L. angustifolia (Lamiaceae), forming small and purple, lavender flowers that penampakan. This plant came from Europe, precisely in the region of France. It was used as a perfume. Equipment religious ceremonies (rituals) and medicinal plant since ancient Roman era. A lavender flower for Carmen is lavare which means refreshing.

Grow both in height of 600 -1,350 m dpl in which the higher the growth, the better the quality of the oil dihasilkannya. Lavender plants usually increase with the bijinya. Seeds of the old and healthy in-semaikan. When you have grown, moved to polibeg. When the high reached 15 - 20 cm, can be moved into the pot or planted in the house. Purple which can be interesting to digosokkan skin, other than the fragrant aroma, you will be protected from mosquito bites.

While the main composition in the lavender oil linalool acetate which is capable mengendorkan and weaken the system of nerves and nerve-muscle muscle-muscles that tense. Because this is the property lavender flowers are often used as material antinyamuk lotion, aromatherapy, perfume, oil scrub, bath and herb medicines.

Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

painful but beautiful flowers

Cactus charm is not only known as desert plants. Predicate ornamental plant so alternative housing interior. Shown with stripe color, pattern, and various forms of this is so sutu attraction. Even plants that all share this ditumbuhi thorns, the plant is a familiar type of alias easily found. In almost every area, both in the country or abroad, the plant is always brisk world ornamental plants. No wonder, if this cactus plant have various types, such as this squirrel tail cactus. Enchantment of the squirrel Each has a unique cactus plant is different, where the uniqueness of each is able to attract and generate a desire to have. Have a unique color in the color, shape or pattern that dominates the spine. What if a third category of this unique collaboration? Of course, pesonanya the berkarakter. Such as the cactus this squirrel tails. Green as a cohesive latarnya beautiful texture with the spine attached to the stem. Switch to the leaves that formed a unique pattern, similar clamshell. Only leaf cactus leaf is not the same as most of the plants, the texture is thick with green stem more from the young, but not ditumbuhi spine. Only the excess leaf thickness is not offset with a strong power. For, the structure of leaf cactus squirrel tails tend to be vulnerable is broken or separated from the stem, and this often occurs in older leaves. Unlike the case with the structure of the cactus stem is quite hard. In addition, the cactus stem is the most easy experience maximum growth. Not impossible, stem growth could reach 1 meter. "Stem the growth pattern to dangle down. Therefore, this cactus dijuluki squirrel tails, because the shape is similar, "said businessman Ornamental Plants in Kediri Jawa Timur (East Java), Sukoco Day. Still have charm flower that grows on the tip of the stem tip. The growth of small flowers with bright red color combination and the young, this makes the plant look more cohesive and sweet fresh green stem. But take a long time to wait for the emergence of this leaf, that is between 5-6 months. While for the interest that has been shown, can survive up to 1-2 months. The emergence of interest in the squirrel tail cactus is not the season, depending on the growth, where growth is based on day-to-day care. Stable media Are universal, because the process of adaptation and easy to care for the cactus. Grow in low oke, at a high not any problems. Given that, is a type of cactus plant desert, the media should be used dry or too humid. Easy to apply treatment. Media tanamnya use sand sinister and manure, with a 1:1 comparison. Nature of the porous media (hollow) as an alternative to facilitate the drainage or aerasi. Of course, the impact on overall plant growth. Sprinkling should not be done as often as possible and do not let the root of the stagnant water. The high humidity will cause the plant to grow is not optimal. Damage to the root of the plant easy to get going. Then the rot will spread to the plant stem. If this is to happen, most likely the plants will die, so to avoid this, the placement must be cactus, which is placed in a dry place with low humidity levels. Section, on media with high humidity, micro-organisms will appear easy. Of course, it will disrupt the growth of plants as a whole.

Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

interest sedap malam

Sapid interest is interest that the night will issue its fragrant at night, usually have interest in this family that loves each with its fragrant. Flowers also has a sleek night attraction is very unique, in addition to its long stem and leaves his small flower is unique it can only be issued to its aroma klo night only. That is the excess of interest sapid night. Flowers are usually in the market is an alternative in the market in all its interest indonesia pity that this is very unique in the esteem with the cheap price because it's very easy to grow in indonesia. And the hope of writing an article about my interest in this scrumptious haraga can improve it in accordance with the unique right to it.
In addition to this interest are unique interest is also classified in the interest rate that can be made as self-decoration and room variation.
Interest in this scrumptious easy maintenance with its only put it in the pot containing the water it is living and will not wither.

Kamis, 18 Juni 2009


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