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Rose flower is a very beautiful and have the charm. Interest in this very gemari by women. Because of its shape and smell that can captivate a woman. Rose is a flower sau a very in demand in the world of plants that include articles about me rose a very useful and helpful.
In developing various types of hybrid roses that came from Holand (Holland). Rose is the type many peminatnya Hybrid Tea and Medium, variations in color have a lot of interest, starting off white to red and a high level of productivity: 120-280 bud bunga/m2 / year.

Variety-hybrid rose varieties (Hybrid Tea) which has been planted in Indonesia by PT. Plantation Mangkurajo is: Coctail, Diplomat, Idole, Jacaranda, Laminuette, Osiana, Pareo, Samorai, Sonate de Meilland, Sonia, Sonia Sweet, Tineke, Vivaldi, and White Success Yonina. Medium types of roses while the other is the Golden Times, Jaguar, Sissel, Laser, and Kiss. Excess hybrid rose varieties is durable and color-warninya interesting. Hybrid Tea Roses type bertangkai flowers 80-120 cm, 40-60 cm Medium type.

Some rose varieties are recommended introduction didataran low: Cemelot, Frad Winds, Mr. Lincoln, and Golden Lustee roses as cut flowers. While the variety of Folk Song, Khatherina Zeimet, Woborn Abbey and Cimacan Salem plant for the garden.


1) ornamental plants in parks / open
2) ornamental plants in the pot pengindah and penyemarak room or corridor.
3) made in the interest Tabur statesman ceremonial ritual or tradition.
4) extracted oil as perfume or drugs

Terms growth

1. Climate
Wind does not affect growth in the rose.
Rainfall for the growth of the rose is 1500-3000 mm / year. Requires 5-6 hours sun per day. In the area enough sun, roses will be more diligent and quick flowering and trunked solid. Morning sunlight is better than in the afternoon sun, which caused the drying plant.
Rose plants have very broad power adaptation of the environment grows, it can be planted in a cold regions / sub-tropical regions and in the hot tropics. Cool the air temperature 18-26 degrees C and humidity 70-80%.

Therefore for anyone who is interested or already manage this interest I can only share my experience here is quite up to it only because it's just a beautiful flower full of charm and this.

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