Anthurium cultivation

ANTHURIUM is a tropical ornamental plant, has a high attraction as room decoration, because the form of leaves and flowers of his beautiful, beautiful leaved Anthurium is a native of Indonesia, while the leaf pieces to come from Europe.
In Indonesia there are not less than 7 types of Anthurium, Anthurium crystalinum namely (elephant ear), Anthurium pedatoradiatum (Wali Songo), Anthurium andreanum, rafidooa Anthurium, Anthurium hibridum (elephant tongue), Anthurium Anthurium makrolobum and scherzerianum.

Anthurium may be a way that is, generative (seeds) and vegetative (stek).
1. multiplication with the generative seed plants anthuriun have 2 kinds of flowers and the male flowers female flowers. Tassel marked by the stamen, while the female flowers by the mucus. Seeds obtained by cross tassel and female flowers.
By using the little finger, take the flower essence to be lubricated and the mucus in the average interest rate on the female. Approximately two months later generate interest in the already cooked, in its many seeds of Anthurium. Seed in the peeled, wash up on the net and in the wind right, and then in the land Tabur on medium fine. Seeds that we have a place in the humid conditions and always in siram.
2. vegetative multiplication in a way, that is stek stem stek eyes and shoot.
How to increase the stek stem is cut off the top of the plant (stem) with the root of 1-3, the top of the plants that have been cut and then planted in growth medium that has been prepared. On the multiplication of the shoot is to take one's eyes on the branch, and then planting the shoots that grow on the medium has been prepared.
Based on usage, growth medium is divided into 2 types, namely a medium for growing plants mature.

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