Dragon fruit is a very nutritious fruit for health for people and have unique characteristics.
Dragon fr
uit is the fruit of a similar basic cactus. He planted the commercial in Vietnam and Australia, although he comes from South America. Dragon fruit which is ripe seberat approximately 400 grams but also have a belly so that more one kilo!
The conte
nts of the white dragon fruit, red, or purple with sowing seeds of black that can be eaten. Its texture is like the content of watermelon, whereas it is also a fruit such as kiwi. The characteristics that make this unique dragon fruit is very suitable as ingredients in fruit salad.

Property of dragon fruit
Other food substances in the dragon fruit is fiber, calcium, iron, and fosforus a quite useful to treat high blood diseases. Red dragon fruit also contains a very good eye to improve vision because the womb karotenoidnya high. Fitokimia in the fruit is also known to degrade kanser risk.
Fruit industry in the foreign country to use the dragon fruit in making the wain. In addition to fruit, flower and stem of the dragon fruit species Selenicereus grandiflorus in particular, used in making ubat-ubatan give the impression that both the blood lines koronari and promote good blood circulation in the body. Therefore the dragon fruit is very good for the body's stamina and health for people. How to select the dragon fruit is a good dragon fruit When choosing, make sure the weight of fruit, fresh look, and hard and shiny, with the scale, the color greenness. Dragon fruit tasty eaten as such or made of juice and put in the fruit salad, or used as culinary herb soup (for the young fruit)

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